Monday, 8 October 2012


This is how my life right am i supposed to focus on reading,writing when i had a long vacation (1 year vacation was a long time kan?) addition, the vacation was superb and mabellles..hehe..i got pregnant and delivered, raised my baby during that'm lazy enough...very lazy that i can sleep 12hours after read 1 page of book...perghhh!!

I'm cried to my husband "macam mana nak exam ni?""dah x tahan rasanya""rasa mcam nk quit je" and whatever negative statements came out from my mouth...the worst thing is,i'm always had fever whenever i had exam..don't believe?i got sick for the 1st day of my pmr..i had cold and running nose..i even slept during the exam..i still remember the subjects...history and BM..i got B for those papers...urghhhh!!rosak slip result je!during my study at UIAM,how many times i got sick?uncountable..hahahaha

So, my husband gave me various types of advices to support me...this are the samples of his advices:
  • "Mama, Allah bagi peluang kat mama untuk sambung study,bukan semua boleh sambung lepas bersalin"
  • "Mama kan kuat semangat,mesti boleh punya,sedangkan dulu masa pregnant pun mama dah kuat semangat"
  • "Mama buat slow2 mana yang mampu je ek,jangan stress2 sampai sakit"
  • "Papa bawak mama gi vacation ek after exam..kita g holiday ke selatan"
  • "Mama kan cita-cita nak jadi guru,so buat elok2 sampai berjaya jadi guru.Mesti Izz Ayman bangga ada mama cikgu BI..Abang pun bangga ada bini cikgu"
some of his motivations gave me a new hope but i like the last part...yes! i still remembered that i promised my parents to be a teacher...the best teacher among all the teachers..i will support their cost of living (even now, i used sligtly amount of my allowance for them..although they refused it by i want some barakah from them)...just hang on for a moment mom!after this I can buy many supplements for you..not just shaklee product(wah promote gtu wpun i x jual pun..hehe)..u can just mentioned..herbalife?amway?cosway?elken?hehe

yes!yes!yes!jom study!

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